Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Encouraging a child’s social skills, sharing and caring, maintaining a good self-esteem and increasing their confidence and independence, in all they do as well as potty training.Encouraging choice and decision making and learning manners. Teach children to manage their feelings and behaviour.

Communication and Language

Ongoing interaction between staff and other children, speech, songs, stories and books, audio work, music and singing as well as planned activities, role play, daily circle times and meal times. Focusing on listening and attention, understanding and speaking.

Physical Development

Gross Motor: Learning to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, run, climb, jump, dance, catch through a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors.

Fine Motor: All fine motor activities help to prepare for writing and these are encouraged through creative activities, mark making, threading, finger puppets, malleable play, learning how to use scissors, free-art and tracing. To learn to take care of themselves. (wash hands, be safe)

Specific Areas

Expressive Arts and Design

Imaginary and role play, music and movement, dance, singing, free play, art and craft activities.

Understanding of the World

Early Science, cooking, nature and sensory play, messy play, construction, ICT, exploring the community in which we live., gardening, celebrating various festivals and different foods.


Number songs, rhymes and games, counting, shapes, sorting, matching, puzzles, measurements, number recognition, time and role play games linked to our topics.


Introduction to letters and mark making in preparation for writing.